I’m Rob Schwartz, webmaster for BrainBuffet. This website is really just an extension of my real career as a Technology Education teacher in Florida. Thanks for visiting BrainBuffet, and please let me know if there’s anything I can do to make this site a better place for you to visit. I also invite you to look at my online resume’ if you’re curious about the man behind the website.

I’m currently living in Palm Beach with my amazing sons, Danny and Caleb. When I’m not working I like to Explore art and design in Adobe products, shoot some pictures (I love textures and abstract photos the most), play guitar, read, go see a concert- the typical single dad lifestyle, I guess. I love good art (written, verbal, and musical as well as visual), good conversation, and the company of good friends.

I’m often trying to figure out how to improve this site to make it a better resource for other teachers… so if you have a need- let me know!




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