Comm Tech 2

Welcome Back!! If you’re here, that means that you have read every word and listened to every video on the Student page, and signed the document that confirms that you understand and agree with the policies for the lab.  If you haven’t, go back and do it. If you start on these projects, you are agreeing to the policies outlined on that page. You’ve been here before so you know it’s fast and furious. Fun, but fast and furious. So let’s just get started:

It’s a new year. This is the way we roll:

Problem solving | Project Scenarios | Reports or Journals | Grading your projects

Setting Up Your Portfolio:

***** I’m redoing this to make it easier… Stay Tuned…*****

Comm Tech 2+ projects:

Don’t forget that you should ALWAYS check the Online Labs Page  for current projects and contests! This page will only list the mini-projects for weekly skills development. You’re essentially in a self-study mode at this point!

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