About Brainbuffet? What do you want to know? More about the site or the author?


The site is maintained by Rob Schwartz- and is the companion website for the classes he teaches at Sheridan Technical High School. Find out more about Rob by clicking here. (or just check out the resume’).

More on Sheridan Technical High School’s Comm Tech program can be found here. It’s a little out dated… When I’m not busy (HA!!) I’ll add some pics or something….

For more information on the website, including how it runs and a little history, click here. I don’t kill myself with the idea of recording all that mess for “posterity”… keeping the site updated is enough work in itself!I had most of that data from an old entry for one of the awards the program won- so I figured I’d throw it up there. (it’s all about recycling!)

Anything else you need to know? Check out the FAQ or drop a question if we haven’t covered it yet!


Rob Schwartz
Webmaster & Generally good guy

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