Getting Into Gestalt

Hello, GAMER! It’s nice to see you jacked into the GRID! First, I want you to check out these stories. They’re fun, right??? There is a similar trick in art called GESTALT.  I want you to explore gestalt today. It’s a beautiful concept...

Photoshop Practice Files

Here are a collection of images I like to use in workshops and trainings. Feel free to use with attribution! IF you post it on social media, let us know by tagging or mentioning Brainbuffet!

Get Your GRID Email (Outlook)

Get your Email to enable communications on the GRID. This is your communication here back and forth to TOP. When he’s not at HQ (headquarters, where you are during school), then email is a great way to get in touch. In this mission, you’ll learn to enable...

What We’re About

Hey guys… Let’s talk about what we’re all about in here. It’s all about YOU, but what do we want to focus on? This mission will show you a little of how the game works. Accept this mission, and then watch the top right corner of your screen....
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