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So this page is for anyone that’s looking for a cool idea to do for a project. You’re stuck, need a challenge, want to try something new… This page is for you. These are rough ideas that may one day become projects for class, but for now, check out what I have to offer here and even better- leave an idea down in the comments area!!!

If leaving a project, please be as detailed as possible. If it’s a rough idea, that’s fine… but if you were inspired by another piece of art, please leave a link if you have one- and as many details on what should be included!!

Of course, there’s always cool tutorials to learn a new concept or technique… Check out the Diigo list for hand-picked tutorials!

Looking for more adventure??? Check out the ideas below. If you don’t like them- then invert them. Instead of doing a poster for your favorite band- poke fun of a band you don’t like. use the synectic triggers to get creative with the ideas themselves, not just the implementation or design!


Posters/Ads- These projects should be done AT LEAST Tabloid size (11×17@300 in photoshop)

  • Create a poster/ad for a charity or non-profit you believe in.
  • Create a poster to promote a positive message (be nice, stop smoking, art is awesome, etc)
  • Create a poster that inspires people to be better people. (character, integrity, famous quote, etc..)
  • Create a poster that promotes a creative spirit or demonstrates your own creative spirit. (elements and principles, synectic triggers, etc..)
  • Create an ad for something you already own. (phone, mp3 player, shoe, etc. Maybe take your own pictures?)
  • Create a poster for your favorite band’s next CD
  • Create a poster/ad for your favorite TV show
  • Create a poster for a movie (sequel to your favorite film? New movie that you think would be great?)
  • Create a poster for a book (again, maybe a sequel to your favorite book or series?)
  • Create a poster/ad for a new comic book
  • Create a poster/ad for your favorite Website (homestarrunner, abduzeedo, gizmodo, tomshardware, brainbuffet???)
  • Create a poster/ad for anything (movie, music, game) in Olly Moss , Vidotto, or Exergian style. Google minimal poster for more examples of amazing simplistic poster design.
  • T-Shirt design- Check out my faves… Neatoshop,  Threadless (suggest others if ya got ’em… and get an EPIC mission reward if your design gets picked up!)

Illustrator Projects:

  • Create a logo for a company you make up or redesign an existing logo
  • Create a logo for a club at school you’re a part of
  • Create a logo for an organization you believe in
  • Create a logo for your favorite band, tvshow, movie, book, etc…
  • Create an illustration from a picture- your face, your dog, your watch, whatever…
  • Create a typographic portrait
  • Create a poster like any of the ones in the photoshop list, but make it purely vector art
  • Create a typographic illustration. Make art out of words
  • Create a cartoon character or anime character
  • Create an icon for something – experiment with different styles (3d, web2.0, simple, etc)
  • Represent a character trait with a logo or series of icons
  • Represent a story in a simple illustration (breaking up, gaming all night, getting a date)
  • Represent your life in a series of icons (gaming, bed, computers, internet, football, etc…)
  • Zombify a cartoon in silhouette… A la this. 🙂

Choose Your Fave App For These Cool Ideas



Worth1000 Corporate logo contests– Win Cash for classwork!


Palm Beach Tech Conference Cover-CASH PRIZE AND ADOBE SUITE!– 11×17 cover for the Palm Beach Schools tech conference. Download the Call For Program Designs 2012.

ACT Poster Contest– Information Here:

ALLIANCE FOR YOUNG ARTISTS AND WRITERS– Check out the CONTEST– Multiple categories are available (digital art, photography, design, videogames, etc…).

 ALCOHOL PREVENTION BUS POSTERS– We’ve had winners in here in the past! Contest Guidelines and Entry Form


Palm Beach Student Showcase of Films: Poster contest. CASH PRIZE! Information down on the right side of:



PHOTOGRAPHY COMPETITION – Art Institure Storyteller- Win a FULL TUITION at Art Institute locations offering photography. DETAILS HERE.

POSTER COMPETITION– Art Institute Competition- Win a FULL TUITION to Art Institute- Worth $40,000!!!! DETAILS HERE.

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