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This Month's Freebie

This month’s freebie is from John Shaver at! Grab his amazing Font Pairing Guide and talk to the kids about awesome ways to couple fonts for effective design. Sign up for his free newsletter, too. He’s got great stuff every month! If the site is blocked on your campus, you can click here to use our mirror of the file until our next newsletter (there’s normally about 4-6 weeks between newsletters, this one posted 5/8/17). On the topic of font pairing, we dig this resource, too! 😉



ACA Tips and Tricks


Our tips and tricks page for the ACA is not just for ACATestPrep customers- it’s for EVERYONE! Please share these resources with those around you that are also working with the ACA in their classrooms! At ACATestPrep and Brainbuffet, we’re all teachers, too. We’re in this for the kids. We only charge for ACATestPrep to cover our costs to keep it going for you guys, and have LOTS of free stuff here on brainbuffet that you can use without a subscription!. 

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