Hey guys… Let’s talk about what we’re all about in here. It’s all about YOU, but what do we want to focus on?xflow

This mission will show you a little of how the game works. Accept this mission, and then watch the top right corner of your screen. You should see a small reward (5xp) appear when you accept a mission. This is the standard amount for accepting a mission.

It isn’t much, but you haven’t done much work yet, have you?? 😉

Move On!


You just gained a little bit of experience by clicking the mission. You’ll learn later how easy it is to find old missions- but we’re keeping track!

Now, let’s talk a little about what matters in here:

TOP thought of this list a while ago, and we’re going to try to do a small activity daily related to each of the areas here. Leave feedback below to let us know what you think!

  • Mindful Monday– Activities designed to help you be aware of who you are and what you value
  • Tech Tuesday– Cool trends and things you need to know to live in a technical world.
  • Wisdom Wednesday– Learn to think better- Problem Solving, Logical Fallicies, outsmarting your brain.
  • Aesthetic Thursday– Art, beauty, design, and cool ways to dig into design.
  • Fulfilled Friday– Learning to enjoy your life more and tap into happiness (it’s a choice!)

So how’s that list sound? All cool stuff. Some of it pretty common and expected in a technology class, but other parts probably a surprise. But TOP is kinda weird, so you gotta expect something out of the usual with that guy, right?

Listen- TOP really cares about kids like you. He knows you have a ton of potential and believes you’re old enough to start thinking like an adult. He’s right, isn’t he?

NOW- That’s a lot of what we just wanted to remind you. All there is to do on this first mission is read and understand. If you did that, you’re done!

Now, to claim your reward, just click the “complete” button below. It will reveal your next step and also watch the top right corner for your reward!!

Move On!

NICE!!! You earned some gold that time, too! Not much, but then again, it was an easy mission!!!

But there’s never a HUGE reward for completion. That’s expected- Getting the big reward requires going above and beyond. You can quit now, but there will never be much reward, and it’s only average to do the minimum! Big rewards come after Big effort- going beyond the minimum. We call that “mastery.”


To master this mission, enter some constructive feedback below. Make sure you’re logged in and leave a comment about the part you’re most excited about. TOP believes these 5 topics are the important topics for people to think about in today’s world. Do you think he left anything out? Which one sounds most interesting?

Leave a positive, respectful comment below. Top listens to you!


After you leave your comment, you can mark this mastered and get your reward! You’ll notice it’s MUCH bigger than all the earlier ones!

Move On!


I hope you noticed that nice reward pop up in the top right corner of your window!

As you can see- you don’t HAVE to do the last step of mastery, but that’s where ALL the reward comes from! The biggest pot of gold and the most XP comes at mastery. It’s worth the effort!!!


Now that you’re done here… why don’t you check out your other options?

This mission is part of a CHAIN. In a chain, you need to complete the steps in order. You’ll also see the chain steps given to you in the box below. You should see a notice that says “next mission in the chain:” with the name of the next mission in red. That’s a link!


Click the link to the next mission to get the next step!!!

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