So this year, we’re focusing on The Design Process, Character, and designing toward a Cause. Today you need to pick Character and Causes.

 How about this year you start really looking forward and stop just living life as it’s handed to you. Try expanding. Try not giving up so fast. Try finding what makes you tick. Try finding your own inner muse. Maybe read something that makes you think once a day (heck, start with just one a week).  Look for daily inspiration in your own creativity.

And as we mentioned in class , we’re going to find our passion. By the end of the week, you need to find a character trait ( extra sources: 1,  2 )and an organization you believe in (extra sources: 1). A lot of your projects for the rest of the year will be focused on these two issues. I want to integrate what’s important to YOU in theis class. Remember, it’s not just about design, and it’s certainly not about me in here… it’s all about YOU. What makes you special? Why are you here? What are you gonna do to make the world better because you’re in it- both for yourself and for the world in general.

Next class we’ll look into a little more about finding out who you really are. Sometimes it’s hard to see. Let’s take a look at who you are and what makes you tick. Explore your strengths and and weaknesses. as it’s been said by the greatest minds, we must know ourselves to be wise, that the unexamined life is not worth living (Socrates).

Everyone wants to be treated with respect and dignity, but many of us don’t even give ourselves that same respect and dignity we want from others. Get to know yourself. Find out who you are, what you stand for, and where you want to go in life.. As we mentioned in class… if you aim for nothing, you’ll hit it every time. And if you want to start on a journey, you gotta know both where you are and where you’re going to plan out the directions to get there.

It’s going to be a good year for those of you that want to be better people- but this class is no place for the lazy, the quitters, and the losers. Choose today to be a winner, or find another class- You only lose when you quit.

8/19- UPDATE
Logo Project- Decide what you think would be a dream job for you. Then imagine you have your own business doing what you would love to do more than anything else. (Dream big! Imagine you get to be successful at ANYTHING you want!) What would you do?

Now create a logo for your business (Examples of great logos are everywhere.) But the logo MUST BE BASED on your initials. There are no other specifications beyond that. Get creative, understand the problem, think outside of the box.

8/20- UPDATE:

 OK… Here’s what you should have for me now:

  • Logo with your initials
  • Character Trait you want to focus on this year
  • Cause you want to think about this year

Today- I want you to take the two following Personality tests. They take a little time, but only a little. ANSWER THESE SERIOUSLY AND DO NOT WORK WITH A PARTNER WHEN ANSWERING- It will mess up your ability to answer honestly and taking a serious look at yourself.

Personality Test Online Site  AND SECOND personality test .

After you’re done, read the explanation of the type it says you are. See if it fits or not. (Sometimes these don’t work so well). After that- read all the other descriptions of the types (just read the first paragraph or two before it says “Possible Origins” and the “Finding Yourself” section) from Enneagram Easy Summary( All taken from THIS PAGE).   See if there is another one that you think better fits who you ARE (NOT who you want to be). The tests are not perfect- they tend to put a lot of people as 7’s or 8’s when they’re not.

Once you find which you think you are (it should kind of “ring true” or feel like it’s is a really good description of you), read the whole description from THIS PAGE. Note that the same type of person has a “Flawed” and “Well-Adjusted” way of living with their core motivator. It’s not bad to be one thing or the other… they’re all just different. And there’s a good way and a not-so-good way to work out your way of looking at the world. Breaking the bad habits take time… so the faster you start, the better off you’ll be.

Get done early??? Check out the Abduzeedo Daily Inspiration. Discuss it with the people around you. What images do you like? Why??? Just saying “Because it’s cool” won’t help you much- how does it make you feel? and then WHY.  What does it make you think about? and then WHY.  What conflict or message is in the image? The first step in being able to express yourself is to start to look at excellent examples of other people’s expression and seeing what you connect with- SPECIFIC things you connect with.

This week’s “Do It’s”:

  • Logo with your initials
  • Character Trait you want to focus on this year
  • Cause you want to think about this year
  • Your number type on the personality test. (read descriptions on THIS PAGE and make sure it fits. If not, find the descriptionon the  Enneagram Easy Summary that fits best and double check on the description page.)
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